The History of Music in the Glen

In the late 1980’s, Dan Neesley performed with the Newberry Brass Quintet at Boerner Botanical Gardens. He wondered why a similar music series couldn’t happen in his own backyard.

In the first four years of its existence, Dan single-handedly funded MITG and shared production duties with the Glendale Recreation Department and the City of Glendale. In 1993, he provided a $45,000 grant to the Foundation to help ensure MITG’s future. With the increasing support of local merchants and individuals, Glendale has been enjoying Music in the Glen nearly every year since.

It wasn’t smooth sailing yet, though. Cancellations and logistical issues forced the 1994 season off the calendar, but in 1995 MITG sprang back to life. A new stage was built from a trailer donated by Burt and Jackie Trouteaud. Area merchants and the Glendale Association of Commerce, recognizing the value of MITG to the community, backed the program with more energy than ever.

The program has grown with each passing year. In 1998, MITG extended to the winter months with Music in the Glen Encore Presentations, a joint venture with Bayshore Mall that provided the sweet sounds of local musicians to winter holiday shoppers.

Between the 1998 and 1999 seasons, the Glendale Recreation Department fell victim to school district budget cuts. In 2004, the series was transferred from the school district Foundation to the City of Glendale.

In 2019, the summer concert series is running strong with eight performances.  Additionally, concerts are held at the brand-new Richard E. Maslowski Community Park.  Attendees enjoy hearing live music at the beautiful outdoor amphitheater bandshell and purchasing concessions from the Sprecher Oasis Concession Snack Bar.

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