July 21st…The Jim Gaff Band

July 21st (6:30pm) jim gaff band.

Join US FOR THE “The STARS & STRIPES Salute to Veterans” and Flag Ceremony at 6:15pm at the onsite War Memorial (Richard E. Maslowski Community Park). Please arrive by 6:00pm.

This year’s annual Flag Ceremony is provided by Wisconsin Veterans and The Daughters of the American Revolution. All are invited to attend as we honor our veterans.  This concert is FREE however, we ask that attendees please bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to a local food pantry.

A salute to our Veterans.

2021 Stars & Stripes Flyer Concept

About the Jim Gaff Band…

Jim Gaff- Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist

Country music is at the core of Jim’s heart. His music is grass roots country with a bite of outlaw and attitude all bottled up in one foot stompin’ good time. His new music and tour is launched in a united campaign true to his cause. That cause is to write, sing and promote his wheelhouse style of country music…including sons with patriotic spirit. The music is true country legend style with a whole lot of dark whiskey kick.

His style of music is dirt-road, outlaw country, time-tested and true, played from the heart, far from the paved road of mainstream country. Jim’s songs are a nod to the style of Waylon, Merle and Cash, but has a whole punchy spin all his own. His latest songs are the groundwork of his “Take Back Country Music Revolution” tour. Jim’s lyrics, blended with his memorable melodies, offer the listener an eclectic blend of new and old country-based music. You can sing along with songs like: “If I could Have Just One Whiskey With Hank”, slow dance to – “Good ol’ Song”, stomp your feet to – “That Don’t Sound Like Country” or just raise your glass to – “Toast To The Legends”.

If you’re a pure blood and the true patriotic type like Jim, bring your ol’ red, white & blue to his shows. You can raise it high and sing along to – “I Stand For America and I kneel When I Pray”.  You will definitely keep your hands in the air while he and his band perform his anthem – “That Devil Tracks Me Down”. Jim’s music has a mix of something for everyone- that tasty country cookin’ sound mixed with 100 proof real outlaw country. An outlaw to the end, Jim is keepin’ it real, keepin’ it country.

This concert is proudly sponsored by Bank Five Nine in Glendale.