August 18th — Steve Beguhn

Steve Beguhn (American Idol Contestant Season 10)

“Disturbingly great. Weird. Compelling. Great. That certain something.”

Steve Beguhn would never define himself this way, but he doesn’t have to. Steven Tyler – Aerosmith’s legendary front man – used these words to describe Steve’s performance in a 2011 taping of American Idol.

Producer Randy Jackson and singer/actress Jennifer Lopez agreed, and this kid from small town Wisconsin was headed to Hollywood. He’d finish in the top 0.1% of contestants, and away we go —

Following his highly-publicized run on American Idol, Steve has toured coast-to-coast as both a solo act and front man of the band that bears his name.

Steve’s unique style and sound is the fusion of many influences. Melded by a humble, rural childhood, 3 years in musical theatre, 3 years with the world-renowned University of Wisconsin MadHatters a cappella group, and his subsequent foray into pop music and songwriting, there is no box big enough. He’s also 6’5”, which makes that a logistical challenge.

“Disturbingly great. Weird. Compelling. Great. That certain something.”

That’s Steve Beguhn.

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