July 18 – The Cow Ponies

July 18th (7pm) The Cow Ponies (Country)

The Cow Ponies is a Milwaukee-based band founded by music veteran John Graham in 2015. Their set list includes both original music written by John (guitar, vocals) and Tom T (bass, vocals), along with old country, alternative country, and cow punk covers. Andy (drums), Keith (pedal steel), and Robin (vocals, sax) round out our crew. After several months of practice in ‘15, we debuted at Circle-A Café in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee with Lisa Ridgely and DJ Lars the day after Christmas 2015 to a packed house. Since then, we’ve performed with a number of country and Americana bands at a number of fine clubs in Southeast Wisconsin. We also went into the studio and recorded our first CD, “Easy to Fall,” released December 2017. We are honored to be nominated for a 2018 WAMI Award.

This concert is proudly sponsored by the Silver Spring House Restaurant in Glendale.