Back and Forth

August 2, 2000

Newberry Social Orchestra Kids from WI Pavanne
Andrew Neesley Quintet Shear Delight Swing-O-Matics
Rick Aaron Klezmer Band Ken Lonnquist Streetlife

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Rick Aaron Klezmer Band has been performing Klezmer in the greater Milwaukee area for over 20 years. Klezmer is a popular music form with Jewish, Greek, Balkan, and Eastern European roots. It was brought to this country in the late 19th century and since then has been greatly  influenced by American music, especially jazz.

With this band's particular blend of traditional Klezmer and Jazz, they're perennial favorites at parties, weddings, and concerts throughout Wisconsin.

You'll experience a musical journey that takes you all the way from old Eastern Europe to today's contemporary Jazz halls!

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